Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Important Disclosure

The unbiased and informative views expressed herein are the opinions of the author based on the principles of technical analysis, a science that has been tested and proven for more than hundred years.

These do not constitute an offer to buy or sell stocks. While every effort has been made to ensure correctness of the information presented, the author cannot be held responsible for omissions, mistakes etc.

Investing or trading in stock markets is a high risk activity. Those who cannot afford to risk their money should refrain from dealing in stocks.

The author has no vested interest in any of the stocks mentioned. He and/or his close associates may or may not be having positions at the time of preparing the articles.

It is to be understood clearly that these articles have been written purely for informative purposes only and the author cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for transactions, if any, entered into by the reader.

The author does not guarantee that the projected targets will be achieved within the stipulated time frame.

Source for the price/volume data displayed in graphics and tables:

National Stock Exchange of India Limited

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