Sunday, March 30, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Many thanks to all those readers who appreciated the articles and sent feedback to me. To benefit those who would like to know readers' queries, let me answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Q: Why this blog is not being updated?

A: I'm spending  lot of time on analysis and investment activities. Moreover, some revenue needs to be generated from the blog to keep it active. Very little can be expected from ad services and donations are purely voluntary.

Q: I have a query regarding X stock. Can you answer me?

A: Please be specific in your query whether you would like to know the short/medium/long term outlook.

Q: I want to add you in my Yahoo! messenger list so that I can get some intraday forecast. Is it possible?

A: Sorry, it is not possible for me to provide intraday forecast.

Q: I want to learn Technical Analysis with Indian stock market perspective. Is it possible for you to teach me?

A: There are hundreds of web sites and books dedicated for the subject. Try a google search and you will surely get the good ones. Learning from these sources will take a bit of time and practice will make you near perfect (No analyst is 100% perfect!).

However, if you want me to deliver some lectures on the subject I can do it during weekends (Saturday and Sunday). All expenses incurred shall be borne by the organizers. Please contact me  for more details. Please note that I need at least 10 days advance notice. This is for making travel arrangements (within India). More time may be required for overseas travel.

Q: Can you send me weekly reviews on mail?

A: Please subscribe to the posts using the link at the bottom of the page.

Q: Where can I find the entire articles list?

A: Please click the Articles List link.

Q: I see only bearish messages from you. Why?

A: Think of me as a newsreader. I just post what I see on the chart. I was bullish on several stocks last year and also very recently.

Q: I heard that Y company is closed down or about to be closed down. There were some news articles that Z company is likely to have joint venture with another company. Is this true?

A: I am a chart reader. Please contact the respective companies for necessary clarifications.

Q: Can you increase the frequency of posts on this site?

A: I can, if it is really worth. Obviously, I have to put in some work here and it is possible only during my free time. Increasing the frequency doesn't mean much but quality of information does.